Bullet League For PC – Free Download (Windows & macOS)

You have seen many battle royale games. For instance, there is PUBG. Then there is Call of Duty, and Free Fire. The problem with these games is that there is too much action. Yes, there is fun. But, the action in these games is overrated. So, I have proud to give you Bullet League for PC.

The issue is that PUBG and Call of duty have a PC version. You can enjoy the games on the PC without needing anything. Players can play these games on a big screen with controllers attached. Whereas, Bullet League for PC is not available. This is why I thought why not provide you guys with a method to install Bullet League for Windows & Mac devices. Let’s talk about the game so that you can get an idea.

Bullet League:

As I have told about too much action in PUBG and COD. But, Bullet League is different. First of all, there are no such realistic graphics. What I mean is that the game is animated. And, to be honest, you will love those animations. In the first look, the game will look like a cartoon story. But, when you enter the battle, you will see another picture. Imagine those cute characters holding a machine gun or bazooka!! Well, that is exactly what the game is about.

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Bullet League For PC

There are three ways through which you can play the game. Firstly, there is a solo match. If you have the guts to be a lone wolf, then this mode is for you. Other than that, you can play in squads. This is for people who like to be a team. Players can team up and can kill the opponents. Most importantly, there is Friend Brawl. Here you can create a private room and you can invite anyone you want. By this, unknowns will stay away from you and you can enjoy better.

By this far, you can take a guess that there are weapons and guns. But, there is more. The weapons/guns gameplay of the game is very unique. What I mean is that you can turn your machine into a helicopter. Or, players can destroy buildings to create an escape route. Players can upgrade their weapons and perks.

The game is unique in its own way. Like, the match duration is only 15-seconds. You have to use that time to make for a win. Apart from this, to prevent the LAG, there are only 8 servers in the game. You can select from these and can play. Users can search for hidden items by exploring the map.

Method to install Bullet League for PC:

In order to compete with PUBG and COD, I have compiled a method to install Bullet League for PC. You can use the method to install the game on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS. Let’s move forward and discuss the method.

  1. First of all, Follow the links given below to install any Android Emulator.
    1. For Windows users: BlueStacks | BlueStacks  2BlueStacks 3 | Nox Player |                       
    2. For Mac OS users:    BlueStacks | Andy OS
  2. Now, after successfully installing the Android Emulator open it.
  3. After that, add all the necessary info including the Google Account Login Credentials.
  4. Allow all the necessary permissions it requires to operate.
  5. Now, there are three different methods to search for Bullet League and install it. All of them are given below:
    1. Click on the Download Button in the Google PlayStore box above to open it in PlayStore and download it. OR
    2. Go to the search bar of your Emulator, Type “Bullet League” and then click on the Search using the Google Play Store option. If this search option is not available then move on to the next method.
    3. Trace the Google Play Store for the My Apps Section and open it to search for Bullet League and install it.
  6. In all the above steps, click on the Install button and start the installation procedure.
  7. Wait for a while until it finishes downloading and start playing Bullet League On PC.
  8. You can see the Bullet League in the My Apps from now on and start playing Bullet League For PC.

That’s all for How to Download Bullet League For PC using the Android Emulator and enjoy it on a bigger screen.

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