Guide to download Gboard For PC (WIndows 7/8/10)

Why I am writing about Gboard For PC? This is because we all know that communication is the key factor. In the old times, it was done using letters. Therefore, it was difficult. Then came the time of phones. These devices had the option of making calls. After advancement, texting and messages came into that. Talking about messaging, you had to type the message. Before smartphones, it was all casual. There were no emojis and stickers.

Gboard held the hand in these times because it can provide all that. The reason I am discussing the method to install Gboard For PC is that it is not available on desktop. Now, you will start to think why should I use Gboard on computer? There is already a keyboard installed on the device. But can you send emojis using that keyboard? Can you use the swipe texting option? No? That is why I am doing this.


From the name, you can guess the developer of the app. Yes, Google has made the application for users who want a little spark in the texting. The app is already installed on Pixel devices. Google noted the response and released the app for other smartphones. Gboard is now available on Google PlayStore. You can download the app from there. Moreover, let me tell you it is free to use.

Gboard For PC

in this paragraph, I will tell you what you can do with the Gboard app. Firstly, you can use the app from adding spice to plain texts. You can add, emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Secondly, ever heard of Glide typing? It works by gliding the finger on words and it types accordingly. Gboard has that feature. most importantly, there is a voice typing option available. You can speak the words and the app will do the rest.

Additional Features:

  • Multilingual typing
  • Google Translate
  • Multiple language support

Okay so know you have decided to install Gboard For PC after reading about the app. The thing is that there is no official app available for Windows and Mac devices and many users want to download Gboard For Windows. Gboard For PC, as you know, is available on Google PlayStore and that is to our advantage. We can use an Android emulator and can install Gboard For Mac. Now let’s move forward and discuss the method to download and install Gboard for PC. 

Method to install Gboard For PC:

  • As I have told you that you will need an Android emulator. You can download any emulator from the mentioned link available here.

BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2 | BlueStacks 3 | Nox Player

  • These emulators are available for both Windows and Mac devices. You just have to download the correct version for your device and you are good to go.
  •  Now you have to install it the emulator. That can be done by clicking on the installation file.
  • On the installation file, you have to agree to the terms and conditions and have to select the location where you want to install the emulator. Do these necessary processes and After that, the installation will start. Wait for it to get complete.
  • After the installation has been completed, you need to open the emulator which you installed for downloading Gboard For computerYou can do that by clicking on the icon of the emulator.
  • After the emulator has opened, you have to enter Google account details. It uses those details for PlayStore. After this, you will be able to download Gboard on desktop. Enter the details and complete the setup.
  • Open the PlayStore app and type the Gboard name in the search bar and press the search button. Once Gboard is found, press the install button. Meanwhile,  sit back and eat popcorn.
  • The rest of the process will be done by the emulator and Gboard for PC will be ready to use.


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