How to setup Goat VPN For PC (Windows & Mac)

There are times when you want to access a website or watch a movie. But cannot, due to the restrictions placed because of different reasons. On the bright side, these restrictions are there for your own protection. but, If you want to bypass these restrictions, you can install VPNs like Goat VPN. You know goat VPN for PC is not available. Don’t worry PC users can still use it. I’ll tell you how but before that, let’s talk about Goat VPN.

Goat VPN:

Goat VPN is the ultimate source of accessing websites or apps that are blocked in your area. The VPN does this by re-routing your internet traffic through the servers placed all over the world. Now there are two things that happen due to this phenomenon. Firstly, you can access the websites and apps blocked in your country. These sites are blocked by governmental restrictions. Another reason is when app developers lock apps. The third reason is when organizations lock apps in their vicinity. Goat VPN can bypass all of these restrictions.

The second thing that happens due to re-routing is anonymity. When your data is diverted, it gets encrypted. That encryption hides you from hackers. Hackers are not able to trace you and your data is protected. Moreover, if you are a user of public Wifi hotspots, then Goat VPN is for you. It will protect you from prying eyes.

Goat VPN For PC

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Now that we are talking about data privacy. Goat VPN follows No-log Policy. By this, no background information about the user is saved in the servers. This means you are completely secured while using the internet grid.

Let’s talk about the extra perks of the Goat VPN

Extra Perks:

First of all, the VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and usage. You have seen some VPNs when their limit is reached, the get disconnected. This is actually harmful when talking about data security. It makes you vulnerable. That is not the case with Goat VPN. It offers no limit of time and data. Through this, you are secured all the way to the end.

Secondly, Goat VPN is free to use. Yes, you can make yourself secure without paying anything. No registration of any kind is required by the VPN. Moreover, there are free servers available. You can select from any one of them and move forward. If you want to use more servers, you can buy the premium version of Goat VPN.

Goat VPN will work on both Wifi and data. Let’s say you are using the internet using 3G or 4G networks. Well, you can use the VPN to save yourself from data loss. So, if you are impressed by the functionality of Goat VPN. Download it from Google Play Store right now.

Now, let’s talk about the Goat VPN PC version.

Goat VPN PC version:

There is no official way to get Goat VPN on Laptop & PC. But you can use some emulators to download Goat VPN For PC. You can download Goat VPN on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS. So, follow the steps given below and Download Goat VPN on PC on both laptop and Desktop PC running Windows & Mac. Before that, make sure you meet the requirements mentioned below.


  1. A Desktop or Laptop
  2. Windows and Mac operating system
  3. Mouse and Keyboard
  4. Active internet connection
  5. Android emulator (BlueStacks or Nox)

Guide to download Goat VPN For PC

  1. Download the emulator from the links given above.
  2. After that, install the emulator using the installation file
  3. Now, open the emulator and wait for it to load completely.
  4. It will ask for Google account details. Enter those and complete the setup
  5. Open Play Store on the emulator and search for Goat VPN.
  6. Install the game and leave the rest on the emulator.
  7. It will do the rest and Goat VPN For PC will be ready for you.

That is the method to install Goat VPN For PC. The method is easy. But, there is a downside to the method. You can only use the VPN inside the emulator. But, on the brighter side, you can access apps/websites using PC.

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