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iCSee For PC

Today, we will talk about iCSee for PC because as we get busier in our everyday life, a lot of us spend a large part of the day away from our residences. Although home security systems and CCTV cameras are now common household appliances, most such security systems have a fixed monitor to show live video feed. With our busy daily schedules that are responsible for us staying away from home for long periods of time, this becomes an inconvenience. Remote video surveillance such as iCSee helps solve this problem.

What is iCSee?

iCSee is an app that will connect to your CCTV cameras through WiFi and allow you to view real-time live streaming of your place of residence from your own smartphone, no matter how far away from home you are. Additionally, the app also records video from your security cameras and saves them in order to allow for playback at any time. Along with all this, other features of the iCSee app are:

iCSee For PC


  • You can connect multiple security cameras to the app.
  • Supports audio talkback and intercom.
  • You will receive a notification if any suspicious activity is recorded because of the motion detector.
  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom control option is also available.

With all these features, the app allows you to remain vigilant about the security of your home regardless of how far away you might be. You can also take a screenshot of the live feed if you view any suspicious activity. Furthermore, the videos recorded are available offline as well, for you to view at your convenience.

Can we install iCSee For PC?

I have seen many people asking this question. The reason they want to install iCSee for PC is that they cannot see properly. We all know that smartphones have relatively small screens compared to a desktop or PC. Some people cannot view the footage properly on smartphones. This is why they want to use iCSee on Windows. I have found a method to install iCSee on desktop. From the method, you will be able to install iCSee for Mac and Windows. 

Method to install iCSee for PC:

  • First, you will need an Android emulator and you can do that by clicking on the link given below.
  • Download the emulator and install it by clicking on the installation file. On the installation window, select the installation location where you want to install the app.
  • Open the emulator which you installed for playing iCSee for PC.
  • You’ll be needing Google account credentials so enter these details and complete the setup.
  • Open PlayStore on the emulator and search for the iCSee app.
  • Download the app and you are good to go.
  • The emulator will install iCSee and iCSee for PC will be ready to use.

Visit: BlueStacks emulator

Method to install iCSee For PC using APK:

Download iCSee APK from the link which is mentioned here. Open the APK using the option provided in the emulator. The emulator will install the app and iCSee for PC will be ready to use. 

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