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IP Webcam for PC

Today, we are going to talk about IP Webcam for PC. Because the thing is that the IP Webcam for Android is available. But, PC users cannot take advantage of the app. We all know that Android devices have made it possible for a user to perform a lot of tasks. Users can check traffic while traveling, play games, and listen to music. Apart from this, they can also handle businesses.

Another most important use of smartphones is monitoring surveillance equipment. There are a number of apps available on Google PlayStore that a user can download. Moreover, the apps are pretty easy to setup. IP Webcam is one of the app available that can be used for this purpose. Let’s talk about the app in detail so that you can understand it better.

IP Webcam:

The concept behind the app is to reduce hardware costs. And, to be honest, IP Webcam does this. You don’t always need a high-end security camera for surveying the premises. Sometimes old lying phones can do the work. IP Webcam turns your old Android device into a CCTV camera. You can place that camera in places which you want to monitor. The app is easy to set up and easy to use. You won’t be needing technical knowledge for this purpose. When turned, you can view the camera using multiple viewing options. What more does IP Webcam offer?

IP Webcam for PC

Additional Features:

  • The first option available in the app is monitoring through a web browser and VLC player. In simple words, you can see videos recorded by the phone from any internet browser. Users can also use the VLC media player to play the videos.
  • Secondly, two-way audio support is available. If you want to talk to your kids and pets when not around. You can do that from the app.
  • Users can also record the videos from within the app. You can later view those videos in case of any mishap. MOV, MKV, and MPEG4 recording formats are supported by the app.
  • Most importantly, IP Webcam has sensor triggered options. In simple words, it will give out an alert whenever it senses movement.
  • Apart from this, you can use options like night vision, motion detection, sound detection so that you can keep tabs properly.

IP Webcam is available on Google PlayStore. If the app interests you, you can download it from there for free. Yes, the app with all those features is free. No subscription of any kind is required by the app. However, there are ads available in the app. But, those can be ignored because of the functionality and features.

Now, the issue is that some users want to use IP Webcam for PC. Unfortunately, IP Webcam for computer is not available. But, don’t worry, I have found a method to install IP Webcam for desktop. The method requires the use of emulators. You can download the emulator from the link given below.

BlueStacks | Nox Player | Andy OS

Now let’s continue towards the method.

Method to install IP Webcam for PC:

  • Click the download link to download the emulator. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file to install the program. Wait for the installation to complete.

Note: If you have an emulator already installed on PC, you can skip this step.

  • After the installation has completed. Open the program and wait for it. It will take longer to open the software because the emulator is configuring itself for the PC.
  • The emulator will ask for Google account details after the program has opened. It uses those details for PlayStore so that you can download apps. Enter the details.
  • Once every part is complete. Open Google PlayStore and search for the IP Webcam app.
  • Download the app and wait for the emulator to install it.
  • Once installed IP Webcam for PC will be ready to use.

There is also an alternate method to install this app on PC.

An alternate method to install IP Webcam For PC:

You will need IP Webcam APK for this method. Download the file from the link given here and wait for it to complete. Once it is done click the app and drag it to the emulator’s dashboard and drop it there.The emulator will install it and IP Webcam for PC will be ready to use.

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