How to download Kiwi Browser For PC (Windows and Mac)

Kiwi Browser For PC is the topic we are going to discuss today. But why I am doing that? There are a ton of browsers available for Windows/Mac. Then, Why do we need the Kiwi browser for Computer?.

The reason is that, yes there are chrome and firefox available. But, these browsers don’t provide that functionality. Kiwi Browser is very famous on Android devices. Android users can do a lot from these devices. These users want to use Kiwi Browser on PC. That is why I have decided to provide the method. Before that, let’s talk about the browser.

Kiwi Browser:

Okay, so Geometry has stepped the game. It has launched the Kiwi Browser. Firstly, I would like to talk about the UI. The interface of the Kiwi Browser is very good. It is based on the Chromium engine. That means, the interface is fast and sleek. You won’t face any lag when surfing the net. Moreover, the browser is easy to use. You won’t face any problem when using it.

Kiwi Browser For PC

Talking about features, the app has an in-built ad blocker. Does your Google chrome have that? There is also a pop-up blocker. If that is not enough for you. You can also protect yourself from mine-jacking. For people who cannot use the Facebook messenger in their areas. Kiwi Browser is here for the rescue. You can use the night mode and this will protect you from eye strain. You can block invasive trackers to protect you from leaks. There is also a translation option available on the app. Over 50+ languages are supported by the browser.

These are the reasons some users want to install Kiwi Browser For PC. Well, talking about the method. There are plenty of them. I have found the method easiest of them all. You can follow the method for both Windows and Mac devices.

Method to install Kiwi Browser For PC:

  • First of all download BlueStacks from the link mentioned below. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file to install the program. Wait for the installation to complete.

Note: If you have BlueStacks already installed on PC, you can skip this step.

  • After the installation has completed. Open the program and wait for it. It will take longer to open the software because the emulator is configuring itself for the PC.
  • The emulator will ask for Google account details after the program has opened. It uses those details for PlayStore so that you can download apps. Enter the details.
  • Once every part is complete. Open Google PlayStore and search for the Kiwi Browser app.
  • Download the app and wait for BlueStacks to install it.
  • Once installed the Kiwi Browser For PC will be ready to use.

Visit: BlueStacks Emulator

There is also an alternate method to install Kiwi Browser on Desktop.

Alternate method:

Download Kiwi Browser APK from the link given here. Once it is done click the app and drag it to the BlueStacks dashboard and drop it there. BlueStacks will install it and it will be ready to use.

These methods are easy right? You can use them for using Kiwi Browser on Mac. I have tested both given methods. The result of usage is very good in Windows/Mac. That is all for today from us. Stay tuned for more updates and tricks.

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