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Memrise For PC

Last year, I and my friends went on a trip to Turkey and Germany. To be honest, we enjoyed a lot. But, there was only one problem. Due to the language barrier, we weren’t able to communicate effectively. After searching for a number of times on Google PlayStore, I was able to find the Memrise app. Due to the features and functionality, I’ve have decided to write about Memrise For PC. Before going towards the method, let me tell you about the app.


Memrise is an app developed for people who want to learn different languages. Now from this app, they can easily do that. But how does that? There are different options available in the app. Firstly, you can learn with local video clips. Let me explain it further. There is a wide community of 45 million users from all over the world. They make videos in their native languages. You can select the desired languages and can see the videos related to this. This technique helps you in learning the words effectively. But, you will not notice this because you’ll be busy watching the videos.

Memrise For PC

Along with that, there are quizzes in the game. What I mean is that there is a test available. Whenever you have learned a new language, you can use those learned words to pass the test. This will help you in learning the language easily. You can also play games where you have to complete a word puzzle or fill in a blank.

 Memrise can also be used for improving pronunciation. For example, let’s say have learned a new word, But, you pronounce it wrong. That wrong pronunciation will change the meaning of the word. With Memrise, you can record the word and smart tech of the app will tell you whether you have pronounced it right or wrong.

You don’t have to be connected to the internet for the app to work. You can download the courses and can be used in places where there is no internet. That is a pretty handy feature of travelers. Languages like Mexican Spanish, Spanish, French, German, Japanese (Kanji), Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese are available in the app. Apart from these, you can also select Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, or even English.

How to install Memrise For PC?

Now, let’s talk about the method to install Memrise For PC. Memrise is available on Android devices, but PC users cannot use it. Using the method which I have found, you can install Memrise For Windows. The method is very easy and can be followed by anyone. You will be needing Android emulator for this method. Those softwares can be downloaded using the link mentioned below.

Android Emulator: BlueStacks | Nox Player | Andy OS

  1. First of all, Follow the links given above to install any Android Emulator.
  2. Now, after successfully installing the Android Emulator open it.
  3. Add all the necessary info including the Google Account Login Credentials.
  4. Allow all the necessary permissions it requires to operate.
  5. Now, there are three different methods to search for Memrise and install it
    1. Click on the Download Button in the Google PlayStore box above to open it in PlayStore and download it. OR
    2. Go to the search bar of your Emulator, Type “Memrise” and then click on the Search using the Google Play Store option. If this search option is not available then move on to the next method.
    3. Trace the Google Play Store for the My Apps Section and open it to search for Memrise and install it.
  6. In all the above steps, click on the Install button and start the installation procedure.
  7. Wait for a while until it finishes downloading and start playing Memrise On PC.
  8. You can see the Memrise in the My Apps from now on and start playing Memrise For PC.

I hope the method mentioned here to download Memrise For PC is easy. You can download Memrise on Windows using this method. That is all for today. Stay tuned with Appsivy for more tips and hacks.

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