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If you have an Android device and a camera installed at home, Why not control the camera using the phone. What I mean is that there are a number of apps available for this purpose and Neye Pro is one of them. There are many advantages of using Neye Pro to monitor cameras. And, there is a hike of advantages if you install Neye Pro for PC.

Neye Pro is a camera surveillance app available on Google Play Store. Due to the popularity of the app, there are over 100,000+ downloads of the app. The reason for the popularity is easy to use interface. Unlike other camera surveillance apps, Neye Pro has an interactive interface. Every button and control is right there in front of you. The screen is free from any glitches and lag.

Neye Pro can control multiple cameras. What I mean is that the app can monitor more than two cameras at the same time. Let’s say you have placed four cameras. Why not use Neye Pro to monitor all 4 cameras at the same time. Apart from this, you can add the cameras using the QR code method. QR of the camera is given at the back of the device. Moreover, you can set up a login and password so that only selected people can access the cameras.

Neye Pro for PC

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As you know, Neye Pro uses an internet connection to deliver videos. Because IP cameras are connected to it. That means you have to establish an active internet connection for both. But, don’t worry, you can either use Wifi or data connection. Neye Pro will work on both.

Additional Features:

PTZ control: Through this feature, you can pan and zoom using your fingers. Users can also control the movement of the camera.

Two-way talkback: If you have a child at home. You can use the talkback feature to talk with him/her. (Note: a microphone attached with the camera is required)

Snapshot and browse picture: Throght Neye, you can take snapshots of sensitive moments. These pictures will be saved in the app.

Record and playback video: If you want to see a recorded video. You can do that using the app.

Guide to install Neye Pro For PC

Now, the reason I am writing about the method to install Neye Pro for PC is clarity. What I mean is that you can see the videos on smartphones. But, due to the small screen of a smartphone, you can’t see clearly. This is the main reason why some of us want to install Neye Pro for Windows & Mac. But, how do you do that? Well, I have found a method to install Neye Pro for PC. Let’s move forward and discuss the method.

Method to install Neye Pro for PC

  • First of all, you will need an Android Emulator. I’ll provide a link to some of the best Android emulators available out there. Download from them and move to the next step. Make sure you are downloading the correct version for your device.
  • After that, install the emulator. You can do that by clicking on the installation file. On the installation WIndow, select the desired location for the installation. Press next and let the installation get complete. It will take some time to get complete.
  • Meanwhile, Open the emulator after the installation has been completed. The emulator will take 2-4 minutes to boot up completely. The first thing which you have to do after opening is to enter the Google account details.
  • Now, you have to search for Neye Pro application and download it. You can do that using these mentioned steps.
  • First of all, you can get it by following the Download button given in the PlayStore box at the end of the post. If you want to do it entirely from the emulator then follow steps given below.
  • If there is a search icon in your emulator then enter “Neye Pro” in the bar and click on the “Search using Google Play” option. Once you find Neye Pro, install it. If you don’t have Search using the “Google Play” option in your emulator then follow the next step.
  • Go to the My Apps Section of your emulator and trace the System apps there. From the list of apps open Google Play Store and search for Neye Pro there. Once you find Neye Pro start installing it immediately.
  • After that, Let the emulator do the rest of the process. It will install the app and Neye Pro For PC will be ready to use.

That is all for today from Appsivy. You are ready to use Neye Pro for PC. For more tips and tricks keep visiting us.

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