Space shooter For PC-Download on Windows & Mac

Today, we are going to talk about Space shooter for PC. You know there are times when you don’t want to sit idle. To keep up with this problem some users prefer reading books. On the other hand, some prefer playing games. If you have an Android device, you can play games like Space shooter. Let’s talk about the game.

Space shooter:

Back in the day, if you had SEGA or Atari, you could play arcade games. Arcade games are basically games that contain pixilated graphics and simple storyline. If you want to enjoy that fun download Space shooter. The game is made by ONESOFT. The company’s main aim is to take you back into old times. And, to be honest, Space shooter does take you back.

Space shooter For PC

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The game starts as you the driver of a space jet. You have to kill a series of alien ships. These alien ships are moving in a pattern and are firing back. Players have to dodge those bullets and have to kill the enemy ships.

You can choose your own spaceship from different options. Moreover, you can customize those ships according to the conditions. Players can attach guns, canons, and blowing bullets in their ships. These items will help you in killing the enemies faster and efficiently.

There are over 200+ levels available in the game. You have to complete each level and reach the top board. Let me tell you all of these levels require a different you. You have to change your strategy in each round. Otherwise, you won’t win against the enemy. You can play Space shooter with friends also. The game offers PVP battles. So, gather your friends and make a space team.

The game has amazing graphics and UI. You will love the game. It is available on Google Play Store. You can download it for free from there.

How to play Space shooter:

  • Slide your finger across the screen to dodge enemy bullets
  • You have to collect coins and use those coins to buy upgrades.
  • Select appropriate spaceships for each level
  • Use boosts and powerups to make a lasting impression on enemies.

Method to install Space shooter for PC:

  • First of all, you will need an Android Emulator. I’ll provide a link to some of the best Android emulators available out there. Download from them and move to the next step. Make sure you are downloading the correct version for your device.
  • After that, install the emulator. You can do that by clicking on the installation file. On the installation WIndow, select the desired location for the installation. Press next and let the installation get complete. It will take some time to get complete.
  • Meanwhile, Open the emulator after the installation has been completed. The emulator will take 2-4 minutes to boot up completely. The first thing which you have to do after opening is to enter the Google account details.
  • Now, you have to search for Space shooter application and download it. You can do that using these mentioned steps.
  • First of all, you can get it by following the Download button given in the PlayStore box at the end of the post. If you want to do it entirely from the emulator then follow steps given below.
  • If there is a search icon in your emulator then enter “Space shooter” in the bar and click on the “Search using Google Play” option. Once you find Space shooter, install it. If you don’t have Search using the “Google Play” option in your emulator then follow the next step.
  • Go to the My Apps Section of your emulator and trace the System apps there. From the list of apps open Google Play Store and search for Space shooter there. Once you find Space shooter start installing it immediately.
  • After that, Let the emulator do the rest of the process. It will install the app and Space shooter For PC will be ready to use.

Final verdict:

This is how you can install Space shooter for PC. The method mentioned above is very amazing and works very well. I have tested the method on my PC. To be honest, the gameplay experience of Space shooter on PC was very good. That is all for today from us. Keep visiting Appsivy for more tips and tricks

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