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We all are stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am sure that you are getting bored sitting in the house. Why not use this to our advantage or play games. But, what kind of games? Well, there are a number of games available on Google PlayStore. I would like to bring Super Phantom Cat at your interest. Then, we will talk about the method to install Super Phantom Cat For PC.

Super Phantom Cat:

Veewo Games is proud to bring you Super Phantom Cat. If you are an adventure junkie but, are stuck in the house due to some reason. Then, my friend Super Phantom Cat is the best game for you. Let’s divide the game into sections. By this, you will be able to understand it better.

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Super Phantom Cat For PC


What is a user-interface? UI is the main component of any app or software. Basically, it all depends on the interface whether an app is easy or not. Because, the interface consists of a color scheme, button placement, etc. Super Phantom Cat developers have kept this thing in their mind. First of all, the color scheme is amazing. It gives out psychedelic vibes. Secondly, The game is based on pixilated graphics. Yes, it is the same phenomenon as games in the ’70s and ’80s. Another thing is the game is easy to learn and play.


Now, let’s talk about the game-play. What exactly do you have to do in this game? The game is based on a character named Chemist White. White was saved by Super Phantom Cat. After this, Cat becomes is a hero for him. After some years, Flash Cat (Another character) takes Chemist to the tour of the phantom world. There he discovers that he can collect data shards and change into a number of characters. Well, now the game starts as you traveling the Phantom word. You have to dodge monsters, collect shards on your way.

There are retro tracks in the game. Similarly, you can play bonus levels to increase your game experience. Moreover,  players can unlock characters ranging from a cute chicken to a menacing vampire. In simple words, the game will make you keep playing for a number of hours. You can download the game from PlayStore. The good thing is that it is available there for free.

Super-Phantom katze
Super-Phantom katze
Developer: Veewo Games
Price: Free+

Now let’s talk about the procedure to install Super Phantom Cat for PC.

Procedure to install the Super Phantom Cat for PC:

First of all, download the BlueStacks emulator from the website. Click on the download button and wait for the download to finish. Once the download has finished. Open the .exe file to install the software and after the installation has finished open the program.

NOTE: If BlueStacks is already installed on your PC you can skip this step. Otherwise, it is necessary to install BlueStacks on your PC or you won’t be able to play the game on PC

The program will take time to open because it is configuring itself for the PC. Once the software has opened, it will ask for Google account details for PlayStore so that you can download apps. Complete the details and follow the user guides. Complete the setup as mentioned here and follow the next step.

Once everything is set up, Open the PlayStore and search for the Super Phantom Cat. Download the game by clicking the download button. Once the app has downloaded, BlueStacks will install it and Super Phantom Cat for PC will be ready for use. You can find the game on the BlueStacks app section.

Emulator: BlueStacks For PC

Alternate Method:

Download Super Phantom Cat APK from the link given here. Once finished, click the downloaded file and drag it to the BlueStacks. Drop the file there and wait for it to get installed. The app will be ready to use after the installation.

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