Guide to download Wyze For PC (Windows & Mac)

Wyze For PC

You know that everything is going towards automation. For example, a house is some of the examples. But ho do you control this. Well, If you have a smartphone, you can use apps like Wyze. Due to the option of managing the tasks, I thought why not install Wyze for PC.

But what is Wyze? Let’s talk about the app in detail so that you can get an idea about the app.


Wyze is basically a platform that contains a lot of smart devices. With the app, you can create automation in your home. Similarly, due to the app, all of your devices will be able to communicate with each other. For example, your doorbell with alert your heater to turn itself on. You can perform similar tasks from this app.

Apart from this, you can use the app to turn on the lights whenever your Wyze Sense is activated. Let’s say you are in the office and are worried about your children. With Wyze and Wyze Cam you will be able to see what exactly your children are doing.

Wyze For PC

Let me give you another example. Suppose you are out of town. And, your parents are coming to your home. How are they going to enter the house? With Wyze lock, you can unlock the house for them using the Wyze app.

Another usage of the app is to enable the Wyze plug. With that, you can turn on or off your music system from anywhere in the world.  The app also has the option of tracking your heart rate activity using the Wyze Band.

Wyze is available on Google PlayStore. You can download the app from here for free. No subscription of any kind is required by the app. You can get the app without paying anything. Along with that, the good thing is that there are no ads available in the app. Meaning, you are free from those annoying popups.

Why install Wyze for PC?

Yes, you can manage all of these devices from a smartphone. But, I thought why not control the devices from a PC. So, I found a method to install Wyze for PC. The method is very easy and can be followed by anyone. Let’s move forward and discuss the method.

Procedure to install Wyze for PC:

  • First of all download BlueStacks from the link given below. Click the download button to download the file. Once the download is complete, open the .exe file to install the program. Wait for the installation to complete.

Note: If you have BlueStacks already installed on PC, you can skip this step.

  • After the installation has completed. Open the program and wait for it. It will take longer to open the software because the emulator is configuring itself for the PC.
  • The emulator will ask for Google account details after the program has opened. It uses those details for PlayStore so that you can download apps. Enter the details.
  • Once every part is complete. Open Google PlayStore and search for the Wyze for.
  • Download the app and wait for BlueStacks to install it.
  • Once installed Wyze for PC will be ready to use.

Emulator: BlueStacks For PC

There is also an alternate method to install this app on PC.

Alternate method to install Wyze For PC:

Download Wyze APK from the link mentioned here. Download the file and wait for it to complete. Once it is done click the app and drag it to the BlueStacks dashboard and drop it there. BlueStacks will install it and it will be ready to use.

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