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Alien VPN for PC

The best device ever released is a smartphone. A lot of companies are trying to release high-end smartphones because you know the demand is that much high. Smartphones are just like laptops and desktops. These devices can do a lot

Capabilities of smartphones:

  • You can look for roads and areas using GPS.
  • Users can reply to emails.
  • They can listen to music.
  • They can watch movies.
  • paper documents can be digitized.

These are some of the uses of smartphones but there are more because Android devices are very flexible because users can mold them into anything they want. You know that these devices require apps to work. Like you will need apps for GPS tracking, music listening and that can be found in Google PlayStore.

However, there is an issue. Sometimes a user cannot find the apps on Google PlayStore. This is because there are restrictions imposed. The reason for the restrictions are.


  • ISP blocking apps due to the content present in the app.
  • App developers not launching the app in some parts of the world.
  • Organizations imposing restrictions on apps on their premises.

These restrictions can be bypassed using the softwares called VPNs. VPNs are softwares that enable a user to access restrict apps. There are a number of VPNs available on Google PlayStore. Alien VPN is the VPN that I am going to talk about. We will also discuss how you can install Alien VPN for PC. From the method, you would be able to use Alien VPN on a laptop.

Alien VPN:

Alien VPN is a free proxy application that can be used for accessing websites and bypassing securities imposed by ISPs and all of that can be done on a secure network. The VPN is very good and provides unlimited access to these contents. The only obnoxious thing about the VPN is that it contains ads. That means you have to tolerate those annoying popups. There is no way of getting rid of those popups.

Alien VPN for PC


  • The app provides anonymity.
  • Bandwith and connection time is unlimited.
  • You can get access to blocked apps and websites.
  • The app is free to use.

Now let’s talk about the method to install Alien VPN for PC. The method requires the use of emulators. There are a number of Android emulators available that can be used for installing Alien VPN on Windows. You can also use the emulators for installing Alien VPN on Mac. Let’s move forward and discuss the methods.

Method to install Alien VPN for PC:

  • As I have told you, you will need an Android emulator, you can do that by clicking on these links. Download the emulator and install it on your device.

BlueStacks| BlueStacks 2| BlueStack 3| Nox Player

  • Once the file has been installed, open it up, and wait for loading to get complete.
  • You will need Google account details. These account details are needed for PlayStore.
  • You will be able to download the apps after the details have been entered.
  • Then type Alien VPN in the search bar of PlayStore and press the search button.
  • When the app is found, press the download button and you are good to go.
  • Alien VPN for PC for PC will be ready to use.

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