Star VPN for PC (Windows 7/8/10)-Download Free

Today, I have brought you Star VPN for PC. The thing is that there are some people who face problems while surfing the internet. What I mean is that they cannot access the internet and get an error saying “The site is not accessible”. Another problem they face is when they try to find the apps in Google PlayStore. They cannot find the app and even if they do they get a message saying “The app is not available in your country”.

There are reasons for these errors and are called restrictions. Restrictions are imposed either by an organization or ISP or app developer. These restrictions can be bypassed using apps called VPNs. There are a number of VPNs available for Android devices and Star VPN is one of them. Let’s talk about the VPN a little bit.

Star VPN:

Star VPN is one of the easiest VPN available on Android devices. The VPN protects its users from hackers and lets them access the apps/websites that are blocked in their area. It perfectly carries the legacy of a VPN and provides users with unlimited access to the data.

Star VPN for PC (Windows 7/8/10)-Download Free


What good is a VPN if it is not able to protect its users from hackers and eavesdroppers. Star VPN does this and protects its users from prying eyes. If you use public wifi hotspots then Star VPN is perfect for you because it will encrypt your IP and hackers won’t be able to trace your location. Apart from this, suppose you want an app that is not available in your country. Just tap the connect button and you will be able to download the app on your Android device.


The second thing which I would like to talk about is the UI of Star VPN. The first thing which I noticed when testing the app was the color combination. The color scheme of the app is very eye-catchy. This helped by a lot in using the app. The interface is very clean and easy. Any user can use the app without facing any type of difficulty. The app is free of any lag and bloatware and won’t consume space on your device.

Where can you find the app?

If you want to download the app then you can find it on Google PlayStore. It is available there for free and you won’t need any kind of subscription or membership. The app offers a premium version and that version includes an extra number of server locations. You can also go ad-free by buying the premium version as the free version contains ads.

Can we Download Star VPN for PC?

Yes, we can download Star VPN for PC by following the method that is mentioned here. The method is easy to follow and can be followed by any user. You will need an Android emulator for this purpose and that can be downloaded using the link which is mentioned below. Let’s move forward and discuss the method to install Star VPN for PC. 

Method to download Star VPN for PC:

  • Download BlueStacks emulator from the link which is mentioned below.
  • Install the emulator and open it up once the emulator has been installed.
  • After opening, the emulator will ask for Google account details.
  • Enter the details and complete the setup.
  • Open PlayStore on the emulator and search for Star VPN.
  • Download the VPN and leave the rest on the emulator.
  • It will install the VPN and Star VPN for PC will be ready to use

Emulator link: BlueStacks

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