360Eyes Pro For PC (Windows 7/8/10)-Download Free

Today, I will show how you can download 360Eyes Pro For PC. The thing is that the app is not available for Windows devices. You know due to the rise in crime and theft rate, many people are concerned and that is why they have installed cameras and security systems in their homes and offices.

Today’s era is all about smartphones and there are a number of things which these devices are capable of. Users can simplify their tasks like email replying, gaming, music listening, and many more on these devices. You can also use these devices for monitoring the cameras that are placed in the vicinity. There are a number of apps available on Google PlayStore that can do that and 360Eyes Pro is one of them. The app is very good and provides the functionality a user needs.

360Eyes Pro:

360Eyes Pro is developed by DAGRO and it is specifically curated for people who want to access cameras anytime and anywhere in the world. The thing about the app is that it has a clean user-interface and that means that you will face no difficulty when using the app. The app is also very light and it won’t consume that much space on your smartphone. The feature which I like about the app is that along with the video, it also allows you to listen to the audio.

360Eyes Pro For PC (Windows 7/8/10)-Download Free

You can see the videos in real-time using the cloud server. What I mean is that you will be able to see live footage. You can keep tabs on your pets, maids, children from this app. Obviously you will need an active internet connection for the app to work. The app is available on Google PlayStore and can be downloaded from here for free.

Now that you have an idea of how the app works. Let’s discuss how to download and install 360Eyes Pro For PC. There is no official method to install 360Eyes Pro For PC so that is why I have brought you the method. From this, you will be able to see the footage on a big screen and can listen to audio clearly using high-end speakers.

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Method to install 360Eyes Pro For PC:

There are several ways of installing the app on Windows devices. The method which I have chosen requires the use of emulators. Emulators are softwares that enable a user to play an app of one operating system onto another operating system. You can use any Android emulator and carry the method forward.

  1. You can use these mentioned emulators and can download one of them from the link which is mentioned here.
    1. BlueStacks
    2. Nox App Player
  2. Once done install the emulator using the .exe file.
  3. Once installed, open the emulator and wait for some time. It is taking time because the emulator is configuring itself for the PC.
  4. After booted successfully, the emulator will ask for Google account details. Enter the details and complete the setup.
  5. Open PlayStore on the emulator and search for the 360Eyes Pro app. Download the app and you are done.
  6. The emulator will install the app and 360Eyes Pro For PC will be ready to use.

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