Guide to download Call of Duty Mobile for PC

Today the topic of interest is Call of Duty Mobile. Activision is long in the race. The company is providing its users with many hit titles like Need for Speed. Call of Duty is one of the series released by the company. Before smartphones, PC and console gaming was popular. Activision took the advantage and released Call of Duty for these platforms. Now after the release of Android smartphones, Call of Duty Mobile is available. I will tell you how you can install Call of Duty Mobile for PC.

Background of Call of Duty Series:

The first Call of Duty was released in October 2003. This was the time when PS2 and Xbox were popular. The game was based on World War 2. There were different modes of the game. You can select from the campaign or multiplier in the game. The campaign was based on the true stories of World War. The players were assigned a character. They had to play with that character and top the missions. The guns that were popular at that time were present in the game. Basically, you can experience what World War 2 was like.

Call of Duty Mobile for PC

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Then after that Activision saw the popularity of the game and released Call of duty 2. Again the game was related to the wars. After the successful response, Activision released many versions of the game. Users were done with old school guns and the company saw this. The company shifted its agenda and released Call of Duty Modern Warefare. This was the time when every first-person shooter player moved towards the game. Guns like UZI, M4 carbine, Sentry guns attracted the players. The storyline was also based on current world scenarios. Activision carried the Modern Warefare series to 3 parts.

Call of Duty Mobile for PC

After that, Another version of COD was released and that was Black Ops. I saw players waiting in the line before the release of the game. The line was almost 20 km long. Black Ops was a huge success. There were 4 parts of the Black Ops.

Then there was Call of Duty Ghosts, Advance Warefare, Infinite Warefare. Activision also released a World war 2 based remaster version of COD named Call of Duty WWII. This game had many many followers.

Call of Duty Mobile:

Activision has a name in First-person Shooting games. The company saw a future in Android gaming and released Call of Duty Mobile. Call of Duty mobile is a Battle Royle game. In simple words, you have to survive in a time-limited match. There is also a mode where you can team up with friends and can play in a battle box. In this mode, the higher the kills, the higher is the score. Let’s divide the game into sections so that you can understand it easier.

Call of Duty Mobile for PC


You have seen graphics of COD on PC and consoles. How about I tell you that Call of Duty Mobile has the same graphics. Every key detail of the game is considered by the company. I will give you an example of this that You can see blood dripping when you have killed an enemy in the game. Activision achieved this by using a cutting edge graphics engine. Smartphone processors also have a part in achieving this. Moreover, you can see the enemy from a kilometer away in the battle Royle mode.

Call of Duty Mobile for PC


Unlike other Battle Royle games, COD mobile has an amazing UI. Every button of the game is present there right where it needs to be. I have seen many players complaining about the touch screen and the placement of buttons. But, COD mobile is not like that. You can play the game easily on a touch smartphone.

Call of Duty Mobile for PC


Firstly, I would love to talk about the maps of the game. Do you remember Killhouse, crash, and Nuke Town from different parts of Call of Duty series? In COD mobile, all these maps along with many more are available.

Like the COD console and PC version, you can create a customize loadout for guns. Players can select from a different number of guns. But, you have to unlock those guns first. You can do that by leveling up. Players can attach red dot sight, grenade launcher, silencer, and many more items with their guns.

As I have told you, you can play Battle Royle Mode or survival mode in the game. But, both of these modes require tactics and skills. The users will require an active internet connection. Then, they will be able to play the game.

Can we install Call of Duty Mobile for PC?

Unlike other Call of Duty versions, Call of Duty Mobile for PC is not available. But, don’t worry, I have found a method to install Call of Duty Mobile for PC. The method enables you to download Call of Duty Mobile PC version for Windows and Mac. Moreover, you can also attach mouse and keyboard while playing Call of Duty Mobile for Mac¬†using the method. Visit the mentioned link below to read about the method to install Call of Duty Mobile for Windows.

How to install Android App on PC (Windows & Mac)

The link above is for any kind of Android application. You can use the method mentioned in the link to download Call of Duty Mobile for PC.

Final Words on Call of Duty Mobile for PC:

I downloaded Call of Duty Mobile for PC by following the mentioned method. The experience of Call of Duty Mobile PC version was amazing. It was the same as other COD parts. But, there was a catch, I was able to play Call of Duty Mobile for computer only inside the emulator. Yes, that is a downside. But, the overall experience of Call of Duty Mobile PC was amazing.

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