GRIS For PC- Best Adventure Category Game


Due to the presence of high-end RAMs and processors, gaming is done by a lot of users on Android smartphones. The reason is that it provides a very good gaming experience. Apart from that, you can play games anytime and anywhere in the world. That is why I am proud to give you GRIS For … Read more

Super Phantom Cat For PC (Windows & Mac)-Download Free

Super Phantom Cat For PC

We all are stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am sure that you are getting bored sitting in the house. Why not use this to our advantage or play games. But, what kind of games? Well, there are a number of games available on Google PlayStore. I would like to bring Super Phantom Cat … Read more

Free Download Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past For PC – Windows 10/8/7/XP and macOS

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past For Laptop

An adventurous game where you have to explore the world of adventures and take on a ride of never-ending mysteries and murders. You are in charge of the criminal world where life is not as easy as it seems. Investigate hundreds o crime scenes and win the game. Today we will guide you on How … Read more

Download Slime Pizza For PC (Windows – Mac)

Slime Pizza For PC

Ever dreamed of carrying all the pizza’s with you? We sure did! Here we are to fulfill your dream. In this game, you are the Slime Pizza’s delivery boy. While you were carrying the pizza, all of it got scattered when the ship crashed. Now it is your job to collect all the pizza. You … Read more

Exploration Block Zombie Craft For PC – Free Download

Exploration Block Zombie Craft For PC

Smartties released a new amazing Adventure game Exploration Block Zombie Craft on Google Play Store. There are many amazing crafting games out there and some of them come up with the Good Standards. Now with this amazing new addition to the Crafting games, the competition has become even tougher than before. Now the Exploration Block Zombie Craft welcomes you … Read more

Vampire Craft Dead Soul of Night For PC – Free Download

Vampire Craft Dead Soul of Night For PC

Crafting and Building Adventure game set in the medieval times. Become a vampire lord or mistress and unleash the true powers needed to rule a great empire. In this game, you will be asked to build your own castle from blocks and satisfy the hungry blood-wrenching citizens of your empire. There is a never-ending quest … Read more

Download Adventure Game Light a Way For PC (Windows & Mac OS X)

Light a Way For PC

Light a way is an extremely interesting game where from darkness, the light emerges. Darkness has cast its shadows all over the place. It has enveloped the sun and taken over everything that there possibly is. You as a beautiful little girl are gifted with a magical gift that can restore back all the light. … Read more

Download Data Squad For PC – Step by Step Guide

Data Squad For PC

We are here to bring a blend of adventure and fun for you! The game is not only about fighting but also about different characters and their traits. A place where you can test your true fighting abilities. You are in the land of monsters where there is no hope for life as they get … Read more

Trap Adventure 2 For PC & Laptop – Free Download

Trap Adventure 2 For PC

Trap Adventure 2 is the ultimate game that you will find hard to get your mind off. So, Today we are going to tell you How to Download Trap Adventure 2 For PC & Laptop but after we tell you about the game itself. Twists turn, and hurdles are very normal to be found in … Read more

Download Scooby Doo Mystery Cases For PC – Quick & Easy Guide

Scooby Doo Mystery Cases For PC

It is an adventure game created by Warner Bros. International Enterprise. This set of mini-games is based on the cartoon Scooby Dooby Doo in which a group of friends including a pet dog called Scooby, solve mysteries and find the real culprits. In this game, you will be given tasks to solve. You can dress … Read more