Critical Ops Reloaded For PC-Download on Windows & Mac

You have seen Call of Duty and Battlefield. The graphics, game-play and UI are best in those games. Secondly, due to consoles/PC specs, you find yourself in real warfare. But, the thing is not everyone can afford consoles and high-end PCs. How about I tell you, you can play these action games on Android smartphones. Call of duty is available on there. You can read about it by going to the link. I am going to tell you about a game the same as COD. Critical Ops Reloaded is launched by NHN Corp. Later, I will tell you how you can install the Critical Ops Reloaded for PC on Windows & Mac. Let’s talk about the game.

Critical Ops Reloaded

Critical Ops Reloaded is a new and immerse battlefield experience. The game is specially designed for Android smartphones. The concept behind the game is shooting and killing. I don’t mean killing in a bad way. You have to kill the enemy using the tactics. Critical Ops Reloaded is a multiplayer game. You have to team up with people from all over the world. Teaming up with friends is also an option. Then, using the skills, players have to tackle counter-attacks, survive deadly tasks, and many more.

Critical Ops Reloaded for PC

NHN Corp has made the game specifically for you. You can customize the buttons. There are different players available in the game. You can also create your player using the imagination. Changing clothes, gears, weapon load-outs are some of the examples of customization. Moreover, users can chat with their friends and teammates using the voice or text.

There are two sides to the game. Firstly, you can become an NSF agent. The role of the NSF agent is to prevent collateral damage. You have to protect the civilians and preserve the order. Secondly, you can select a PMC soldier. Here, you have to dismantle the establishment. I will select the PMC category because I like blasting things.

Critical Ops Reloaded for PC


NHN released Critical Ops as the first version of the game. Critical Ops Reloaded is a successor to that. Here, everything is redesigned. You will feel the change in user-interface. The graphics of the game has been redesigned. You can see the bullet traveling in slow motion due to new graphics.  Yes, it also added the voice-chat feature. That was not available in the previous version. Moreover, there are new multiplayer maps, sniper’s nests, and tight corridors.

The game is free-to-play. But, that does not mean it will be easy. The key to survival is the tactics, skills, and teamwork. You have to plan the strategy according to each map. That means each strategy will be different from the other. Another thing Critical Ops Reloaded offers is fair-play. This means that there are no paid upgrades. You won’t see anyone with an increased stability sniper. Everyone has the same loadout. You start from scratch and reach the top of the leader board.

Critical Ops Reloaded for PC

Critical Ops: Reloaded offers four challenging game modes to test your skills.


Dominion: Here you have to capture and defend the objectives. You will be rewarded points for each capture. The first team to reach 200 points will win the match. So, protect the objective and kill whoever tries to breach it.

Team DeathMatch: Now, you have to create a team of 5 players. The other team will also consist of 5 players. Use your skills to takeout the enemies. Don’t stop shooting because every last kill can turn the tables.

Diffuse: There is a bomb that you have to diffuse. The enemy will try to stop you from doing that. But, you have to think strategically to take the win. There is also a catch. you won’t respawn in this mode. So, think wisely while doing that.

Gun game: In the gun game, your limits will be tested. You think that handling the pistol is easy. How about a sniper or assault rifle. Every time you change the weapon, the difficulty will be increased.

Critical Ops Reloaded for PC

Critical Ops: Reloaded PC

Critical Ops Reloaded for PC is officially not available. But, I have found a way to install the Critical Ops Reloaded for Windows & Mac. You can install Critical Ops Reloaded for laptop easily using the method. The method is very easy and requires no background knowledge. Follow the link that is is given below to download Critical Ops Reloaded for PC.

How to install Android App on PC

The method is applicable to any kind of Android app. Moreover, it won’t eat that much space on your PC. So follow it and start enjoying Critical Ops Reloaded for PC

Final words on Critical Ops Reloaded for PC:

I have installed and played Critical Ops Reloaded for PC using the method mentioned above. To be honest, the result is very amazing. I was able to see clearly and handle the character easily. If you think this method for installing Critical Ops Reloaded for PC is amazing. Let me know in the comments.

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